Deal Simulations?

A real-world interactive environment where a customer has challenges that requires your solution. Can your sellers find the clues? Can they get the meetings? Can they win over the buying team? Can they build and negotiate a proposal and close the deal?

Deal Simulation Library

You'll gain access to a library of simulated companies and thousands of deal artifacts. From these choose the type of company you want to sell to, then select the stage of the sales process and start the simulation. Sellers are drip-fed the kind of artefacts they normally encounter in their deals. Artefacts like customer communications, social media profiles, websites, online reviews, market research reports and even company accounts. Enough for them to build a picture of the customer and sell to them.

Incorporating Deal Simulations

Deal simulations can be used with any sales methodology or playbook, and enhance sales enablement interventions like: onboarding new hires, sales training sessions, playbook launches, product releases, SKO, competitive training, and sales coaching. Adding a deal simulation will help bring all of these to life, create engagement and help the sellers apply their skills and develop mastery. They help you measure skills more accurately and deliver evidenced-based feedback.

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What People Are Saying

A fresh approach to the culture and mindset of sales

Claire Scull. Vice President Global Sales Enablement. take a fresh approach to the culture and mindset of sales who do act as their own tribe across their account/territory/regional teams. They help and share with each other, and importantly this can be extended authentically with coaching.

World class corporate sales and sales enablement

Filip Marinica-Grando. Performance Coach and Trainer

Tribe is the most refreshing and sound approach to sales development that I have seen in a while. Going through it felt like watching muddy water settle and become clear. Alistair McQuade’s writing is punchy and witty. He has world class corporate sales and sales enablement experience and a knack for observation and reasoning.

A compelling alternative to drive real business impact.

Tim Richards. Director, Global Sales Enablement, Aspen Technology

“So often in business, when confronted with a complex problem, we feel the need to seek out an equally complex solution. Challenged to increase sales productivity at scale, Sales Enablement all too fall into this trap. Tribe provides a compelling alternative to how Sales Enablers can drive real business impact."

We have to start being honest with ourselves.

Karl Tegtmeyer, Head of Sales Enablement, Skykick.

"For too long sales enablement functions have been training people and hoping that the salespeople will execute. Hope no longer needs to be a strategy, because programs can support sales execution."

Increase both transparency and accountability across the sales team

Robin Birn, FMRS FCIM. Senior Lecturer in Marketing at St Mary’s University, Twickenham.

‘Tribe is essential for entrepreneurs, CEO’s, investors and business owners to know how to manage the sales process alongside and integrated with other functions in both small and global businesses. Sales leaders will benefit from implementing the Tribe programme, as it will increase both transparency and accountability across the sales team, which ensures an ethical and professional approach to sales and marketing – an important strategy for businesses post Pandemic.

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